Health, Safety and Environmental Services

HSE Matters is dedicated to providing excellent service and developing lasting relationships with clients. We offer 5 core services starting at all levels depending on the client needs:

Please do contact us if what you need assistance with is not listed.

HSE Mentoring Services

In line with the new BBBEE codes and skills development programmes, business may require assistance to mentor and up skill their supplier development beneficiaries to the HSE level that is prescribed by the organisational HSE policy and management systems. HSE Matters is well positioned to assist you to mentor and up skill your suppliers to meet Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.

Our specific areas of expertise are:-

  • Transport suppliers
  • Contractors performing construction work

HSE Matters mentoring services include auditing suppliers and contractors against client specifications and developing the standard by which suppliers need to comply. A diagnostic audit is conducted to identify the relevant knowledge and legal gaps a supplier may have with regards to HSE compliance, followed by a customised solution to close the gaps. We are able to mentor and guide new and upcoming suppliers to align their work systems in accordance with the client’s Health and Safety requirements and assist them to develop their own management systems.


HSE Learning and Development

We provide comprehensive training to organisations. Clients have the option to provide their own training material or HSE Matters can develop training material on behalf of the client.

We offer Health, Safety and Environmental training in the following areas:-

  • HSE induction for new employees or refresher training
  • Environmental management and its elements
  • HSE training for suppliers and contractors to meet Client HSE requirements

HSE Matters staff are accredited facilitators, assessors and moderators with the ETDP, CHIETA and MERSETA. Additionally, all our contracted trainers are accredited with the ETDP SETA as assessors, moderators, facilitators and facilitators for preparing and presentation of evidence for assessment. So you can rest assured that our training is conducted as per the unit standards relevant to the SETA.

HSE Matters is also registered with SAIOSH (South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health).


HSE Management System Implementation

HSE Matters provides professional services in implementing management systems on Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management Systems and Operations, as well as international standards e.g. ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. Our team is also well equipped to develop client specific HSE related audit programmes for self-auditing or self-verification processes.

HSE Matters is able to conduct company audits or self-verifications on behalf of the client or to provide an objective, independent audit to identify conformance or compliance gaps.


HSE Consulting Services

HSE Matters is client focused and will endeavour to meet all your requirements. To this end, we offer a full scope of consulting services from:

    • risk management,
    • procedure development,
    • training,
    • auditing,
    • incidents investigations,
    • mentoring on Safety or Environmental Management systems,
    • advice on specialised Health, Safety and Environmental aspects,
    • acting as the HSE agent for the client (where applicable),
    • provision of qualified safety officers for construction work, general work or maintenance work.

HSE Matters is also flexible if the client requires only HSE professional advice on specified elements.


HSE Road Transport Solutions

Clients who access our Southern African roads to deliver goods and services will know the challenges that exist in getting and sustaining a good safety record during the road transport operations. Understanding the infrastructure road risks, dynamics of other road users, the vehicle type used and the product risks whilst being transported, is vital in managing the operational risk on the road.

HSE Matters is able to tailor make packages to suit varying clients and their requirements to give them the assurance that their vehicles, staff and product arrive at destinations, safely.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our services and packages.

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